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Grape Wine

  1. 1 Kg Black Grapes (Blue)
  2. 1 1/2 Kg Sugar 
  3. 3.5 Ltrs Boiled and cooled water 
  4. 1 1/2 Oz Yeast
  5. 200gms Wheat 
  6. 1 cup  Sugar – for caramalising
  7. 1 egg white (optional)


Preparation Method
  • Put the grapes, sugar, water, yeast, well beaten egg white and wheat to a clean dry jar and mix well.Keep it closed.
  • Stir the mixture every day for 21 days.
  • Strain the juice into another clean dry vessel and add the caramalised sugar and mix well.
  • Keep the vessel airtightly closed for 3 days.
  • Filter the juice into clean and dry dark colored bottles.

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